S1E19: "I Died but This Department Won't"

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2016-10-27 02:47:37 2016-11-07 10:04:35 "Edita"
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Developing tools/resources/etc. in-house versus using third-party and the “hit by a bus” clause.


Starts at 5m44s.


Starts at 14m44s.

Jthan was drinking rum (he neglected to say what kind). Paden was drinking Heineken. I was drinking Knob Creek again.

  • How do you decide between rolling your own solution as opposed to going with a third-party provider?
    • Jthan brought it up in a discussion- should use something like OpenVPN AS/OpenVPN on your own or something like Cisco’s VPN?
    • Use libvirtd and build out your own system or deploy a VMWare lab?
  • The “hit by a bus” clause (37m55s)
    • In other words, “how to protect your company in the event of your death/capture/sudden and permanent/long-term unavailability”
    • Important things to consider preparing for your extended/permanent absence/leave:
      • Project mapping (TODO lists, processes, etc.)
      • Handling key escrow
      • Documentation
      • Deliverables handoff
    • Shared password is a bit tricky. We mention:
      • pass
      • Vaultier
      • I have no knowledge or experience with it, but there’s also Teampass. It also supports file/image attachments as well, so you can attach binary keys.
    • At the end of the day, you need to decide between the quality of the end product or the quality of your documentation.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (57m00s)

It took us forever to mention this one, but passwords were reset and delivered… over the compromised vector during the DNC leak.


  • None!


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