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These are your grumpy fearless leaders.

Brent Saner

Name Brent Saner
Episode Signing Key 0×97E09B248060AA58
Nicknames, Handles, Aliases johnnybubonic, r00t^2, bts
Occupation GNU/Linux SysAdmin, Systems Engineer, etc.
Current Employer FoxyProxy
Title with Current Employer Network/Systems Engineer
Involvement with Sysadministrivia Host, Operations
Likes/interests GNU/Linux, camping, playing banjo/didgeridoo, mentoring Jthan, old FPS games (Quake I/II/III, DooM I/II, Unreal Gold/Unreal Tournament 1999, Half-Life 1, etc.), being right so dang much, long walks on the beach at night, American Spirit Perique rolling tobacco I quit smoking!
Dislikes/disinterests Windows/Microsoft, Mac OS X/Apple, hiking, That Guy that always plays the guitar in a public setting (you know the one.), (unskilled/untalented/just plain bad/lame) trolls, people with an overinflated sense of pride without having a reason to be proud, swimming in natural bodies of water, burnouts, self-entitlement
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Jonathan DeMasi

Name Jonathan DeMasi
Episode Signing Key 0×29D004547675230F
Nicknames, Handles, Aliases jthan, jrdemasi, H8|
Occupation HPC Systems Administrator
Current Employer BioFrontiers Institute
Title with Current Employer HPC Administrator
Involvement with Sysadministrivia Co-host, giving Brent a hard time about everything, fixing PHP errors
Likes/interests Fountain pens, the outdoors, an occasional cigar or pipe, all the tea, IRC, genuine intellectual conversations
Dislikes/disinterests Frat guys who act like stereotypical frat guys, snow, used clothing
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Chris Norton

Name Chris Norton
Episode Signing Key 0×993D2584A742B96F
Nicknames, Handles, Aliases paden, Crazymarine
Occupation Systems Engineer
Current Employer The ATS Group
Title with Current Employer Systems Engineer
Involvement with Sysadministrivia Co-host, giving Jonathan a hard time about everything
Likes/interests Hiking, Windows/Microsoft, Mac OS X/Apple, trolls Wait, this is my likes, not the opposite of Brent’s. I actually do like hiking, as well as Linux (Arch Linux), Intel, Nvidia, gaming (Kerbal Space Program), gaming on Linux, RF, cell, Ham Radio
Dislikes/disinterests Windows/Microsoft, Mac OS X/Apple, assholes, obtuse assholes, know-it-all assholes, that one guy that you know that is an asshole, jthan (just kidding!), piss poor code (yes, I hate my own code), jthan, idiots, slow ass drivers that can’t figure out the fast lane, jthan
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Vanessa Styers

Name Vanessa Styers
Episode Signing Key N/A
Nicknames, Handles, Aliases Edita, Editah
Occupation Freelance/Contract
Current Employer (Self)
Title with Current Employer N/A
Involvement with Sysadministrivia Sound editing/engineering
Likes/interests Reading, Games, Puzzles, Crafting
Dislikes/disinterests None, apparently
Editing Rig Gateway NV77H34u, Audacity
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Faith Evans

Name Faith Evans
Episode Signing Key N/A
Nicknames, Handles, Aliases Moomod, Shanti
Occupation Graphic Designer/Front-End Developer
Current Employer BTC Marketing
Title with Current Employer Web Developer & Social Media Coordinator
Involvement with Sysadministrivia Graphic Designer, Web Developer
Likes/interests Graphic design, illustration, textile arts, crocheting, traveling, seeing live music, GIFs, taking photos of my cat, drawing my cat, painting my cat, dreaming about my cat, thinking about…
Dislikes/disinterests Bad kerning, curlz MT, comic sans used outside of comic books
Recording Rig N/A
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