Privacy Policy


If you’ve listened to our show at all, you’ll know we value an individual’s right to privacy. Here’s some important information you need to know in regards to that. However, these terms may be subject to change at some point in the future and it is your responsibility to review them to ensure they align to your consent. (We’ll try to announce changes if they do happen, but we can make no promises.)

Be sure to also see our disclaimer of content and official disclaimer as well.

What We Collect

We collect certain information, either intentionally (for metrics or debugging/maintenance reasons) or unintentionally (because it can’t be avoided from a technical standpoint).

This Website

By visiting this website, you consent to providing us with your (public/WAN-routable) IP address, information about the browser and OS you’re using (such as version number, etc.), and what URLs you visit on this site (including what files you download).

Our Forms

By using our contact form (or commenting on any of the posts), you consent to all information provided by you in the populated form in addition to that information normally provided by visiting our website.

The Feeds

By using/subscribing to the feeds (i.e. the Oggcast, Podcast, iTunes feed, Google Play feed or any of the other RSS feeds offered by this site), you consent to providing us with your (public/WAN-routable) IP address, information about your client software and OS (such as version number, etc.), and what episodes you download/stream (if relevant to the client software used).


We privately log our IRC feeds.

Mumble (and Other Audio Sources)

We record all our voice interaction performed as part of the show.

What We Do With That Information

Except when required (and only required) by law, Sysadministrivia does not:

  • track/store/send your information to any server or third-party (including law enforcement)
  • sell/provide/etc. your information to third-parties for marketing purposes (including law enforcement)

for most of the data we gather (with some exceptions below).

In the case of IRC, we retain the right to release snippets of logs (usually as part of our media) for content creation purposes.

In the case of voice recordings, we record them with the express purpose of content creation and they will be released to the public.