S0E13: "Better Late than Never"

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2015-07-31 04:55:19 2015-08-31 08:25:45 MOQ
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We discuss an Android vulnerability, GNU/Linux malware, OpenSSH v7.x, more NSA nonsense, a case study of extreme-low-latency networks, BSD comparison, and some home NAS software.



I am terribly sorry for the delay with this. We tried to use a new editor. It didn’t work out per the normal schedule. That plus FOSSCON and our entire schedule got out of whack. We’ll try harder to release per our normal schedule (2x month/every other week).

  • When I’m giving the topic summary, I say “OwnClown” at first instead of “OwnCloud”. Hah, whoops.
  • Blowfish-CBC has some issues.
  • I suggest the possibility of the Snowden leaks being a false flag. I called it a “black flag”, oops.
  • The plural terminology for Unix is generally considered one of Unixes, Unices, or Unixen
    • pf is short for packet filter, not packet firewall.
    • I said ArkOS. I meant TempleOS.


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