S0E8: "Something Old, Something New, Something Broken, Something Due"

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2015-05-22 03:01:15 2015-06-01 06:31:32 brent s.
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We talk about Logjam (and other security weaknesses), chat protocols/clients, filesystems, F/OSS licenses, and systemd.



  • Logjam does indeed open up the possibility of MitM attacks
  • MSN Messenger/Windows Live Messenger fully shut down last year, and is superseded by Skype (since Microsoft’s acquisition of it).
    • Jthan, you ignorant slut, iChat is a client. Not a protocol. It was replaced by Messages, which supports the protocols of iMessage and FaceTime.
    • And now I’m the ignorant slut, it’s Open Whisper Systems. Their mobile app is called TextSecure Private Messenger (on Android) and Signal – Private Messenger (on iOS).
    • WiKID is, indeed, a 2FA system.
      • Not to be confused with Wicked.
    • Xabber does, indeed, support OTR.
  • I think the default openBSD filesystem is now UFS2…
    • UFS2. Not FFS+. Whoops.
  • The CDDL is definitely not the “proper public domain license”. It seems that’s the MIT.
  • I goofed; I implied the PCWorld systemd article’s title didn’t seem subjective. I meant it didn’t seem objective.


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