Recap on the First Sysadministrivia SpoOoOktacular and Next Game Nights

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Spooktacular Recap

Over the past weekend, we had our first Spooktacular. The turnout was… a little disappointing.

Night 1

For the first night (They Hunger), Nina (“Mrs. r00t^2”) and myself played through the first episode, which we beat at 2235EST5EDT. She then had to go to bed, so I continued alone to Episode 2 and stopped at the beginning of Map 2 (the maps in Sven Co-op’s They Hunger are longer and fewer to cut down on loading times), specifically th_ep2_02, at 0035EST5EDT as nobody else was joining.

Night 2

For the second night, I waited around for someone to ping me for interest:

7:43 PM] r00t^2: is anyone going to be playing tonight? @here
[7:51 PM] r00t^2: ping me if you are, otherwise i'm calling it off
8:03 PM] r00t^2: are you gonna play games now?
[8:03 PM] jthan: Idk. I have a massive headache. I stared at a sceeen for like 16 hours yesterday
[8:18 PM] r00t^2: @nosbig are you playing tonight or no?
[10:36 PM] nosbig: I am now available to play.  Are you interested?
[10:38 PM] r00t^2: @nosbig canceled due to lack of interest. maybe next time?
[10:38 PM] nosbig: That's cool.  I would love to.
[10:46 PM] nosbig: Too many people playing Among us?  :wink:

But as stated above, nobody was interested in playing/available, so night 2 was canceled.

Next Event: Extra-Life

This weekend, I’ll be participating in the charity event Extra-Life. You can find more info about that and how to join our team here. Please be sure to donate!

Subsequent Event: Among Us

Speaking of Among Us, the event proceeding Extra-Life will be an Among Us game night because it’s apparently the new hotness and the only way to get y’all to play with us. :P Jthan wanted to play because he doesn’t know how to be a team player and would rather sabotage things, so of course it’s the perfect game for him.


We will be playing Among Us on November 13, 2020 at 2000 EST5EDT

Game Info

You can find the game on:

I’m not sure if mobile clients can join games for the desktop/vice versa, so if it comes down to it we will be using the desktop version.

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