Game Nights! (See post for details)

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Are you excited for some Game Nights? (Yes, multiple!)

Here’s what’s in the pipeline.

The Sysadministrivia Spooktacular

Too old for Trick-or-Treating? Nobody invited you to a Halloween party? Why not celebrate some scary games with us?



We’ll be playing the They Hunger Trilogy on the 30th and Afraid of Monsters on the 31st, both via Sven Co-Op. Both are fantastically developed games. They’re free mods and, as is the case when we play Sven Co-Op games, I believe you don’t need the content installed ahead of time (but to cut down on map downloading, I may put together a guide to help you get them pre-installed so you don’t have to sit through the map downloads).


Did you know we have a team on Extra-Life? We do! And you can join and play with us. But more importantly, you can donate to help sick kids by donating to our team (learn more about Extra-Life).


November 7 at 2000 EST/November 8 at 0100 UTC


At the very least we (I) will be playing Unreal Gold (Steam, GOG) with the OldUnreal patch. (The patch supports Linux natively, but you need to install the game and then the patch via WINE first. Remember to start the game via WINE at least once and close it before applying the patch. You may need some of the libraries included in the <unreal directory>/Help/lin_convenience_libs.tar.bz2 file. Or just play it via WINE; it should work fine and requires a lot less fiddling.)

At the time of writing this, you can get Unreal Gold on GOG for 1.99USD because they’re having a huge sale!

If we beat it during Extra-Life (it’s a long game, so we might not), then we’ll find something else to play. Maybe some Doom deathmatch.

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