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Sysadministrivia is NOT FOR MINORS. If you are less than 18 years of age, do not listen to our show, connect to our IRC channel, nor connect to our voice chat without parental guidance.

We are highly NSFW (“Not Safe for Work”) - if you are at an employer that will frown upon our content, don’t connect to our IRC at your workplace (or listen to our show, for that matter).

I’ll say this one last time: THERE IS A REASON WE ARE MARKED AS EXPLICIT.

For other disclaimers, please see our privacy policy and legal disclaimer.

Social media sucks!

But because we want to be accessible, you can find us via the following:

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You can donate via PayPal, by BTC (14WiPYkMCwSi7Jg9EGJLBeaLouQau3Xiky), or Ether (0×70fC268A5FBBbC133abdB89b19378EA0E4fFF930). Funds go directly to r00t^2 since he pays for everything (hosting, domain registration, etc.) out-of-pocket. In the event of substantial donations received, the remainder will be split among hosts.

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But we totally hope you share the same perspective. Because we’re totally right. About everything. All the time. /s