HOWTO: Game Night

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Game Nights are special events we occasionally (and irregularly, but hopefully this will change) hold in which we usually play a classic shooter, and usually in coop mode.


We usually all hang out in our Discord ‘game-night’ voice channel. For more info on our Discord, see here.

Next Event

The next event can be found by watching for new updates to the Game Night category. Alternatively, and perhaps more conveniently, if you have an RSS reader you can simply add the Game Night category RSS feed or Atom feed to be notified as soon as a new game night is announced.

What games do you play?

Usually the classics. Quake, Quake II, Doom I/II (not Doom 2016). Unreal Gold. Stuff you can buy for really cheap. We prefer cooperative modes, and for the singleplayer campaigns, but we may have game nights that are deathmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, etc.

The game, along with link(s) to where you can purchase it, are usually in each new post.


Because being in SysOps is fucking draining. We want a chance for all of you to get together with us and other listeners and blow off some of the stress you’ve accumulated.

No guarantees that Jthan won’t make you more stressed, though. He does that. He’s a button-presser.

What do I need to play?

  • Obviously a copy of the game and any additional patches/mods/etc.
    • The announcement will let you know exactly what you need to buy and/or download and from where.)
  • A computer.
    • A benefit of picking classic/old games is that they’ll run on anything that’s recent enough to run a properly patched OS.
  • Discord (optional)
    • We generally recommend hanging out in the voice channel so we can all coordinate better. Some games have in-game voice support and text chat, feel free to use those instead but it’s probably not the most convenient for you or others.
  • A decent Internet connection.
    • Trust me on this.

Are Game Nights recorded for the podcast?

Not currently, no. We don’t really have any plans to. We might occasionally stream them on our Twitch, though. You’re welcome to stream on your own channel, just let us know your channel so we can do a shout-out!

Are there any rules I need to follow?

  1. r00t^2/bts has authority over jthan/paden and guests
    1. jthan/paden have authority over guests
    2. This means if we say “Hey, you’re being too much of a dick”- it’s a warning. We aren’t keen on giving out more than one warning, two if we’re feeling especially nice.
  2. Don’t be (too much of) a dick.
  3. By connecting to the Discord instance and/or joining in on the game, you give us permission to broadcast anything you send over either.
    1. And you grant this permission to others, too.
  4. If you aren’t talking, it’s recommended to mute yourself or make sure you have your threshold recording set appropriately (or use push-to-talk). Ambient noise sucks.
  5. Be sure you are aware of our privacy policy, disclaimer of content, and general disclaimer. We are highly not safe for work and adult content, so you should be over 18 or accompanied by a legal guardian if you want to join us. Additionally, most of if not all of the games we play are rated “M” via the ESRB, so there’s that.

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