Game Nights! (Yes, multiple!)

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It’s time for some game nights!

World of Warcraft


May 7, 2021 1900EST5EDT/2300UTC


The Proudmoore server/realm

More Information

We are playing as Alliance. We’ll be starting from scratch, so roll up a new character! (It’s free to level 20.)

If you’re on Linux, you may find this helpful (or just use Lutris).

Quake I Co-op


May 14, 2021 1900EST5EDT/2300UTC


The server is at port 26000 (the default).

The server password will be announced in our Discord (in the #game-night channel) at the time of the event.

More Information

You’ll need the retail PAK1.PAK file and your engine/sourceport of choice. For the campaign experience, I recommend either:

  • the ambient and atmospheric Darkplaces or
  • the sleek and eye-candy ezQuake (or the more-complete and beginner-friendly nQuake, which includes ezQuake).

You can purchase the retail version (which includes the PAK1.PAK file) from GOG or Steam. (Ignore any complaints about missing soundtracks for either; they’re there but require some extraction.)

Many/most sourceports for Quake I are cross/multi-platform.

Pending Games

The following games are planned for TBA Game Night events:

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