Game Night! August 14, 2020 1900EST5EDT/2300UTC

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Hey, all! It’s that time again! We’re having a game night.

I thought you just had one

We had a low-key one on July 29, 2020 at 2000EDT but we didn’t get many takers. We played Half-Life .1 However, we played cooperatively in the campaign via Sven Coop. You can watch some highlights here:

So what about this one?

The next game night, August 14, 2020 at 1900EDT, was Half-Life: Opposing Force .1 I’m fairly certain you didn’t need to own a copy to play; you just need to install Sven Coop (link above), which is free.

We beat HL: OP early, so we played Half-Life: Blue-Shift .1 Unfortunately the stream I managed to broadcast was only my audio, not everyone’s and it was just me (r00t^2), Jthan, and Nosbig. It was pretty uneventful, though, so you didn’t miss much. (Sorry! It was a last-minute thing with little to no time for testing beforehand.)

By the way, I was right and Jthan was wrong. You absolutely can blow up that rocket.

[11:55 PM] jthan: @r00t^2 how many things have I not blown up in half life?
[11:55 PM] jthan: I tried to blow it up
[11:55 PM] jthan: if it were possible
[11:55 PM] jthan: we'd have all died
[11:56 PM] r00t^2: ^ that is **literal video proof** that it's possible. you just weren't good enough
[11:56 PM] jthan: spoken like my true dad

You can watch some highlights here (from HL: OP):

Where’s the server?

The information was pinned in our Discord’s ‘#game-night’ channel.

More Info

Please be sure to see the Game Night HOWTO/FAQ.

1 If you want to buy all three, though you shouldn’t need to, I’d recommend you get the discount bundle for less than 15USD. Not too bad.

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