S6E18: "Living With and Without"

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2021-10-14 23:51:56 2021-10-25 02:28:37 "Edita"
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In this episode, the hosts are dead. Our ladies give us a memorial.

Just the Tip

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Starts at 21m52s.

I Nina was drinking water. Paden Emily was drinking Kinsey bourbon. Jthan Caity was drinking a pickleback pink gin and a grapefruit LaCroix.
  • What’s it like living with the Hosts?
    • Alex says that Paden likes to play with other peoples’ new phones.
      • And gets mad about setting up wi-fi in stores.
    • Audrey says it was weird her mom and Paden met in a video game.
      • And gets frustrated because Paden pretends he knows more about speedrunning than her.
      • And doesn’t like TikTok because China (which, to be fair, valid).
    • Emily says that Paden likes sticking things on the car because he can’t drill holes in it. (For ham (amateur radio).)
    • Nina likes that there’s always a USB charging cable available in any given room.
      • And doesn’t need to set up her own electronics.
      • And my cable management. :)
      • But doesn’t like how much tech jargon we use and doesn’t understand why so much of it is named after food. (To be fair, neither do I.)
      • And she likes that my Google-Fu and documentation parsing is on-point.
      • But it drives her nuts that I get things with “bells and whistles”.
        • But, BUT, hear me out, that rake I can use for grass clippings, leaves, mulch, whatever. It’s like three rakes in one!
        • And the weed puller gets the roots too! And her back may be fine but mine’s fucked, so the less bending over I need to do the better.
    • We all use what they consider unreasonably strong passwords.

15 Plenty of Clams

In this segment, Jthan Caity shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 1h17m12s.

(You can tell Nina and Emily have listened to the podcast before because they got the lead-up bait-and-switch joke Nina did for the Clams intro.)

According to Caity, Jthan is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He was mad over a broken mug.


  • I think I’ve mentioned my period of (quasi)Nazirite vow before on-air.
    • With some modifications…
      • I did a vow of 5 years (and kept the dreadlocks because they’re just easier than always getting my hair trimmed), so not a complete temporary vow (as there is no Temple anymore).
      • I extended corpse to any dead thing (incl. animals).
        • The terms of this, as Nina mentioned, were tricky. I imposed a 6-foot limit, and included animals. This means I could go to funerals but could not touch the body (or come within 6 feet of it).
        • There was also a limit of time on this since I included animals; meat that had been slaughtered more than 24 hours ago was okay. Roadkill still wasn’t. Yes, I’d sometimes need to swerve a bit (not drastically) or change lanes if I noticed roadkill. There wasn’t any significant danger in it, from what I recall.
      • The texts indicate an inclination, contextually, towards red grapes/wines/etc. specifically, but I avoided red and white both.
  • Apparently it’s a tech guy thing to get nosebleeds.
  • Paden and I can take credit for fast internet because you need a gigabit LAN and 802.11ac to take advantage of 1Gbps ISP. ;)
  • TIL kids are stealing soap dispensers from their school’s bathroom.
  • Nina didn’t have to futz with a screensaver because I followed best practices and made a new account for her and configured it closer to her usage patterns. :P
    • Step up your game, Paden and Jthan.


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