S4E19: "Self-Projecting"

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We give updates on our homelabs and other projects that a listener asks about.

NOTE: Please be sure to read the full shownotes; specifically, the Errata section! There is an important privacy/security warning about a product we highly recommend in this episode.

Also, heads-up: our Shitshow for season 4 is December 11, 2019 at 2100 EST5EDT! More information will follow!

Just the Tip

trickle is a userspace traffic shaper (and has a whitepaper for those interested).

I also pose a related question: Is UDP even necessary anymore?


Starts at 16m19s.

I was drinking the Kraken. Paden was drinking Buckeye vodka. Jthan was drinking Kirkland vodka (Costco has vodka?!) with soda and lime.

We talk a lot about Ubiquiti UniFi hardware in this segment. Please be sure to read the first item of this episode’s errata section for an important notice about this hardware.

  • Project updates
    • My (r00t^2)’s WLAN
    • Jthan’s router build videos
      • He got the hardware and wanted to do videos along the way.
      • He assembled the router and has it running.
      • He was going to do a video on the OS setup, his “intentions”, and then 2 additional videos for dnsmasq and firewall (shorewall, in his case).
      • (And then possibly a video on firewalld and/or nftables)
      • He also plans on covering IPv6 and Tunnel Broker.
      • However, he had issues installing. You can add the UniFi repo I created with this.
      • The 8-port Ubiquiti switch we were talking about is here.
    • Paden’s homelab
      • He’s thinking of going to a smaller rack.
      • He switched from Arch to pfSense for his router.

15 Clams

In this segment, Jthan shares with you a little slice of life. The title is a reference to this video. (2m16s in)

Starts at 46m30s.

Jthan gets mad that Red Hat doesn’t know how email works.


  • PRIVACY/SECURITY NOTICE: We love Ubiquiti hardware for our netkit. Specifically, their UniFi line. However, it has come to my attention (and was only found/announced after we recorded this episode, because of COURSE it did) that Ubiquiti devices are ‘phoning home’, of which Ubiquiti has confirmed. I personally haven’t done any research into this yet, so I’m unaware of scope (e.g. does it occur if you only implement local authorization only? etc.) and when I get the time to do so, I’ll report those findings. But currently, there is no way to opt-out of telemetry via the web GUI. It may be possible if you blackhole the DNS record name/content (trace.svc.ui.com). Ubiquiti has stated they will add a way to opt-out via the web GUI in a future release. We’ll, of course, report if there’s any further development.
  • Jthan definitely does not sound like Big Bopper.
  • Ari’s other email was talked about in S4E12.
  • THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED! This episode was 1 hour and 27 seconds long! A short episode; we usually run around 1h15m or so.
  • Jthan’s rsync bug in --bwlimit may have actually been due to how it implements the limiting algorithm.
  • UAC is, in fact, a Doom reference. Whoops!


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