Rsync updates, tagging issues, and opensourcing of our prep script!

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Hey all! Some news for you.

Rsync updates

I won’t do this all the time, because I set it to automatically update for a reason, but a new PoC||GTFO issue dropped! And of course we’re mirroring it.

Tagging issues

amayer in our IRC pointed out something interesting- it seems we were tagging our episodes incorrectly. Notably, the cover artwork embedded in them.

He has been very patient in testing some changes, researching, and PoCing some potential changes. The fixes aren’t in the pushed version yet, but they will be soon!

Opensourcing our episode prep script

I opensourced our episode prep script! You can find it here but if you’re one of those guys into (ew.) devops-y bullshit like GitHub, I mirror it there as well. Bug reports/feature requests can go here (anonymous reporting is on so you don’t have to register an account).

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