FOSSCON 2017 Roundup

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Another year, another FOSSCON. The last one I went to was in 2015, at the Friends Center. This year (and, from my understanding, last year as well) was at International House.

I gave a talk on podcasting and a workshop on BDisk.

You can find all sorts of goodies at our FOSSCON 2017 file dump (specifically, the slides are XZ-compressed LibreOffice Impress ODP files, and the video files are XZ-compressed FLV files). All files are signed, SHA256 checksummed, and the checksums are signed as well. (If you’re on GNU/Linux or *BSD, you can simply do “unxz filename.flv.xz”. If you’re on macOS, you may want to try the Unarchiver as macOS has native tarball XZ uncompression support but it seems it doesn’t support single-file XZ decompression. If you’re on Windows, 7-Zip supports XZ uncompression.)

Paden also took an amateur radio license test and got his General ticket.

The rest of our time was spent manning a table where we did keysigning, podcast talk, and some help with Linux installs. We livestreamed most of that on our Twitch channel (when my tethering wasn’t cutting out).

We also got to reconnect with some familiar faces (what up, PLUG?) and meet some new ones! Some of our listeners/IRC regulars came and talked with us a bit and it was really nice to put a face to a handle.

Hope to see you all at BSidesPHL, BSidesDE, or Pumpcon!



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