Extra-Life 2020

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As I mentioned in previous posts/shownotes, I am participating in Extra-Life this year.

Extra-Life is a charity event that takes place every year to raise donations and funding for children’s hospitals.

I will be working on setting things up around 1300EST5EDT today (Nov. 7), and I should start actually playing around 1500EST5EDT. I kindly ask that while I play, you donate whatever money you can (and/or share the link so others can as well)! I recognize it’s been an especially tough year for a lot of people, especially financially, but the proceeds going towards care for children is surely worthy of a few bucks or more, no? And if you’re participating in Extra-Life this year, please feel free to join our team!

I’ll start off by playing Unreal Gold in Co-op mode. If you want to play (it runs well in WINE if you’re on Linux or BSD! You’ll need the OldUnreal patch, version 227i), I’d love to have you join me (I recommend the GOG Version if you don’t have it yet; it’s also available on Steam)! The details to join are pinned in the #games-night channel on our Discord server. On that note, I’ll be hanging out in the games-night voice channel as well if you want to say hi.

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