A Musical Failure

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I just realized that S4E7’s outro track and S4E8’s intro track are the same track!

I try very hard to avoid that and to make sure that each episode features unique music (at least until/unless someone composes us a CC-licensed intro/outro track we can use for each episode). You may hate the music, but I try to have enough variety in it to at least expose you to a new artist you may like.

In order to do that, I try to maximize the variety of exposure. However, I can’t do that if I re-use the same exact track!

So my apologies. Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen again! It’s not exactly something so egregious that I can go back and change it, but I would feel remiss if I neglected to at least mention and apologize for it.

/me tosses this one on the “goofs” pile



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