S1E15: "Backwards Passwords"

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2016-09-01 02:44:01 2016-09-12 03:45:00 "Edita"
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A LOT about passwords (and we revisit the topic of HTTPS and general SSL/TLS auditing).

We mention it a lot during the intro- if you aren’t familiar with what The Game is, you should. (If you are, we both just lost.)


Starts at 5m41s.


Starts at 19m58s.

I was drinking water, but I mention Killian’s Red. Jthan was drinking Telluride’s Whacked Out Wheat. Paden was drinking Grant’s Family Reserve whisky.

  • Passwords are terrible. Let’s get that out of the way. (19m58s)
    • But we don’t really have anything “better” that can do what passwords do.
    • You need something: you can store in your brain instead of physical, you can change, can’t be stolen physically, isn’t biometrics (because lel).
    • It was also found that the department in question had no complexity requirements, just a rotation/expiration policy.
    • We also go on a tangent of how “previous password” detection might work- how many are authentication mechanisms storing it in plaintext, are there alternate ways besides a generated regex pattern or a simplified permutation being hashed, etc. If you’ve implemented this, please contact us!
    • The “luggage” reference is from Space Balls.
    • And as a kicker, we didn’t mention it in the show but I’m not convinced we should follow FTC’s concepts of ‘security’.

Sysbadministration Award

In this segment, we highlight system administration mistakes. Think of them as the IT equivalent of the Darwin Awards. (50m42s)

So funny. Despite being changed, I’ve redacted out his old password to avoid wide exposure of his generation schema.

10:20:49< jedijf> paden: good luck
10:50:25< jthan> KyleYankan: I'm not actually. Been awhile.
11:28:17< jthan> [REDACTED]
11:28:24< jthan> that
11:28:25< jthan> is
11:29:36< r00t^2> your password
11:29:49< jthan> well
11:29:50< jthan> for one thing
11:29:54< jthan> OBVIOUSLY NOT ANYMORE


  • I said Jthan brought the Game back. I was wrong, after checking my logs- it was Paden. Oops.
  • The story Paden references during the intro is here.


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