S0E12: "It Hurts when IP"

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2015-07-17 03:01:56 2015-07-27 05:11:23 jonathan d.
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Firewalls, presenting proposals for (change) management, git/gitolite (and blast on third-party git hosting), ethernet media classifications, DIY cracking rigs, pentesting tools, and more regular expressions.


  • The thread where the guy clearly doesn’t understand DROP vs. REJECT is, I think, here (it might be a closed group). I know that was ONE of the threads I got into an argument with an idiot on… WAIT, wait. Nope, it was this one. Turns out the same guy is in my LUG. We haven’t killed each other yet. (Trust me. It’s about 2/3 into the entire comment section. If you’re feeling lazy, find-in-page for “iptables is your friend”.)
  • I wonder what happens when Jthan’s openvpn fails to start and he can’t SSH in to fix it.
  • Git is awesome.
    • Seriously, read the book
    • and read Git Magic too.
    • Seriously.
    • It’ll stop you from making stupid mistakes.
    • Or asking stupid questions. (Like jthan does, because he never reads documentation.)
  • GitLab has their software available. But it’s bullshit.
  • So in steps Gitolite!
  • Jthan and I once tried to port NetBSD to the first release of the SheevaPlug.
  • If you know nothing about ethernet cable classifications/categories, this might help.
  • I usually get my cables and heads from Sewell Direct. No, they didn’t paid us. I just really like their prices and service.
  • I mention the ‘Hacker Arsenal’.
    • You should get the Nmap book, because it’s written by the same guy that wrote nmap.
  • There’s also a HOWTO for DIY cracking rig
  • There are some pretty interesting 3DES/DES papers out there
    • There’s even a hardware cracking rig for it, via Pico FPGA.
    • One could assemble a 3DES rig by combining pipelines across multiple FPGA’s, is my guess.
    • You’ll also want to check out NSA@home. For SHA-1/MD5, but a good example of why FPGA’s are awesome.
  • RegEx Crossword – Thanks, Lyz!
    • You can learn regexes here, here, or here (among many others).


Jthan tried to edit this one too. I tried to clean it up.

  • Jthan, a web + VPN + SSH-only-on-VPN server != a “simple server”. A simple server runs one dedicated service.
  • Turns out in modern GNU/Linux + iptables (at least with shorewall), opening a port with no service behind it will list the status as “closed” in nmap, which is the same result from a DROP. I could have sworn, at least on early 3.x kernels, that the behavior I described occurs instead.
  • The kernel actually has a SHIT-ton of lines of code.
  • FPGA’s are Field Programmable Gate Arrays
  • Thanks to Forge in our IRC channel, he points out:
< Forge> NUMA = NonUniform Memory Architecture, unrelated.
< Forge> [AMD] and Intel both back OpenCL.
< Forge> CUDA is Nvidia proprietary.


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